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As per the Indian Astrology, a person's personality and accurate identity is defined by the situation of planets, place and time of your birth. The current and upcoming situations of the planets are compared with birth details to forecast the future. This is the true basis of performing Indian Astrology.

What is Horoscope reading?

Horoscope is a summary which reflects an individual's future through which an astrologer forecasts one's current and upcoming time period. Horoscope is just like a portrait of a particular place in space and time. For horoscope reading of an individual, the month, time, place and birth is required. There are total 12 houses which depicts different area of individual's life and through which an astrologer make predictions. A horoscope helps a person to know what exactly a person's future has. For doing future calculations, an astrologer must possesses the complete knowledge regarding the influence of period or sub period.

Theory of making predictions

The predictions are done mainly on 4 bases:

1. Analysis of rashi, house and planet.

2. House wise interpretation of horoscope.

3. Position of dasha.

4. Impact of planets.

Horoscope depicts the picture and positions of following planets namely moon, mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, rahu and ketu that studied on the basis of exact moments of person's birth. Astrologers also make use of other charts other than rashi to make predictions. These additional charts are exclusive tools used for Vedic astrology. While the rashi chart is the main chart of making predictions other divisional charts focus on other areas.

A horoscope is a complete layout of planets and zodiac sign that has been recognised by the Indians decades ago at the time of a birth. It is equal to a particular snapshot taken at the time of apprehending the position of heavenly bodies

Main aspects of horoscope reading

There are basically two phases of reading a horoscope:

1. Assembling a horoscope – This is the scientific method or documentation based on the principles of astronomy. A horoscope that Pandit Eashwar assembles will be completely identical and error free as compared to the cast of computer or any other person. This part of astrology is needs years of experience in order to make perfect calculations. This phase of astrology is a science that not questionable by any sector of intellectual population.

2. Interpretation of horoscope – This aspect of astrology needs an astrologer's analytical skills, understanding, memory and natural skills in equal measure. Reading a horoscope is not only depends on knowledge, it is an art that equally requires experience and natural talent that make an astrologer and his predictions unique from others.

If you want Pandit Eashwar to make your horoscope and to do your future predictions, contact now.

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