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Many ancient cultures have long been aware of the energy field which surrounds each and every living thing. Even our Earth has an energy field, without which it wouldn't be able to support life. The physical and spiritual aspects of life are interrelated creating the whole. We are not just physical beings. The physical exists along side the none physical.

Most of us cannot see the human energy field, but trained healers and those on the spiritual path can come to perceive this through meditation and guided personal development.

People tend to go to healers as a last resort when conventional medicine is not helping them, but healers are now as popular for soothing the general stresses of life as easing specific health problems. You are the one that is ultimately in charge of your own life.

You do not need to have a particular faith or belief to benefit from spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is non-diagnostic, non-intrusive, non-manipulative and no pressure is applied. The practioner gently places their hands on or over the body with every respect to the person. Healing energy may be experienced as a flow of warmth, a tingling or coolness. Spiritual healing is deeply relaxing and encourages empowerment and balance to the 'whole' person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, engendering inner harmony and a peaceful sense of wellbeing.

Take a little time out to ask yourself where you feel you are out of balance. What do you think are the root causes and what can you do to change things? It does not matter if you can't find all the answers to begin with, just take one step at a time. Moving forward is what counts!

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