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Kundali Milan Marriage Astrology

Match making or Kundali Milan is a very deeply rooted in Hindu society. Before commencing a marriage relationship, a fortune teller analysis the horoscope of boy and girl for perfect match making. It is done basically for a healthy, balanced and harmonious married relationship.

If we relate the success rate of marriages in comparison with ancient time period in Hindu families, we will find that ratio is decreasing with a high rate. This is increasing day by day due to the feeling of independence and ego problems in every human being. During ancient time, people gave special attention to Kundali Milan as per the ancient astrology books and always consult a good astrologer to ask about the match of the prospective couple.

Now a day, many people started neglecting the principles of kundali milan and even many youngsters marry their lovers without consulting any good astrologer. This results in marital discord and unsuccessful marriages. But now the astrological perception in human beings is increasing day by day. More and more people are now consulting an astrologer before starting a new relationship for match making or kandali milan marriage astrology. This is usually done with the help of Panchang. This chart is based on eight factors and used to judge the stability of a marital life.

The Gun Milap or the match making points obtained in each kundali are unique. Therefore the entire kundali match comprises of 8 factor points that produces a total score of 36 gun points. The actual and minimum score to check the compatibility of life is 16 points but for a happy wedded lifeless then 18 points are not sufficient. Also a score above 24 points are considered as a good match. Here is the list of 8 factors that explains the gun milan or compatibility of married life:

1. Varna – Varna explains the amount of spiritual development in both female and male and maximum points are allotted if they both belong to same kind of Varna.

2. Vasya – It consists of only 2 points out of 36. This depicts the magnetic control between husband and wife. This calculated according to the moon sign as per the Vedic Astrology.

3. Tara – It consitst of 3 points out of 36. It depicts the degree of auspiciousness in both for each other.

4. Yoni – It consists of 4 points out of total points. This explains the sexual compatibility that plays very important role for marital status.

5. Grah Maitri – It comprises of 5 points. It depicts temperamental compatibility and behaviour.

6. Gan – It comprises of 6 points that explains the temperament and character of both the persons.

7. Bhakoot – It has 7 points out of total 36 points. It explains the happiness, prosperity, health and longevity that are quite essential to live a happy married life.

8. Nadi – It comprises of 8 Points. This factor is considered as the most important out of all the 8 factors. If these points doesn't match, the couple will suffer due to child.

These all are the essential factors for kundali match or gun milan to live a happy married life.

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