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Pandith Aravind Eashwar

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Spiritual Healer London:

I always work with the powers given to me buy my ancestors.Encouraging the client to bring the positive eneries down into his or her body is able to either see,sense or feel where in their physical body or aura,the blockages of negative energy in LONDON, UK.


You do not need to have a particular faith or belief to benefit from spiritual healing in LONDON,UK. Spiritual healing is non-diagnostic, non-intrusive, non-manipulative and no pressure is applied. There is no need to remove any clothing and healing may take place when you sit on a couch or seated on a chair.Healing energy may be experienced as a flow of warmth, a tingling or coolness. Spiritual healing is deeply relaxing and encourages empowerment and balance to the 'whole' person mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, engendering inner harmony and a peaceful sense to make them to live happily.

What is a spirit?

A spirit is a being without a physical body, for example; angel, demon or dead person. Spirits can be good, bad or somewhere in between. If a spirit is not good and is causing problems to a person, property, electrical equipment or website, then Space Healers can remove it and thus enable you to have an easier and more fulfilling life, in some cases it can transform your life – it depends how much damage the spirit is doing to you.

What type of spirits exits in earth?

The following types of spirit can be released: the soul of a person who has not gone to the light at death and is stuck on the Earth plane or a lower plane, a being from another planet or from a parallel reality, demons in London,Uk. There are also elemental or nature spirits, who are often angry due to the careless actions of humans.

London UK renowned best Indian Psychic, Astrologer, Palmist, Face Reader and Spiritual Healer.

How do you know if your problems are caused by spirits?

People You may feel that you are not in control of your actions; that someone else is controlling you. You have the symptoms of a health problem, without actually having the health problem; that is you have various symptoms, however all the doctors and alternative practitioners you have been to, can find nothing wrong with you. You feel exhausted or irritable for no good reason. You have gained obsessions, habits or panic attacks, which are just not you, and nothing particular has happened to cause this. You suffer from headaches, have difficulty sleeping or are suffering from nightmares. (Sudden loss of money(Expenditures would be more than earning),a good running business would get into losses. Spiritual Healer is the best service in LONDON,UK

Land and Buildings:

You feel uncomfortable in certain places on your property; you may feel that some invisible person is watching you. You feel afraid after dark in various places on your property. Some places are always very cold and there is no sensible explanation for this. You see shadowy figures, or hear unexplained noises or footsteps. Things move about by themselves or are seen to fly through the air. You are constantly having water or electrical problems. Ever since you moved to your new property, your family or work force have been suffering from health problems, nightmares, exhaustion or irritability. Your home, office or shop just doesn’t feel like a nice place to be, your friends or customers feel uncomfortable when they visit you.

Why do spirits or ghosts attach themselves to people, property?

When a person has not gone to the light at death,they often feel lost or lonely, then they see a light, which may be your aura (energy field) or your electrical equipment (which gives off a light when on) and the spirit then goes towards that light and often gets stuck in it LONDON,UK. If a person dies unexpectedly, does not believe in an after life, feels very guilty and therefore does not expect to be allowed to go to heaven, feels a desire to stay near to loved ones or wishes to manipulate the living, then the spirit of the person may get stuck on the earth and also few times a third person would do black magic,voodoo which craft to send spirit agains enimies.

SPIRIT ATTACHMENT As a medium and psychic I see or sense spirit and specialise in releasing discarnate earthbound spirits and other negative engeries held in a persons auric field/body.

SPIRIT ATTACK may be carried out intentionally or unintentionally, it can destroy a persons relationship, their career, block advancement and inflict illness. This may be carried out by a vindictive or an insecure person envious of their victim, these attacks encompass many shapes and forms. They may also be carried out by a third person paid to use Black Magic or Voodoo.

CLEARING HOMES AND PLACES of negative energy disturbances, 'Ghosts', various thought forms and residual energies. Phenomenon may occur when earthbound spirits are frustrated and wish to harm human beings.